Field Monitoring

Effective clinical monitoring has a tremendous impact on study timelines and quality. We strive to achieve the highest data quality possible for your study by assigning only experienced, therapeutically-aligned CRAs in the field. We expect our CRAs to have:

  • Demonstrated high-monitoring proficiency prior to being assigned to a study
  • Strong therapeutic experience in the disease of indication
  • Undergone thorough general and study-specific training

Tasks our CRAs perform during routine monitoring visits include:

  • Data collection oversight
  • Source Data Verification (SDV) against CRFs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Speedy data query resolution
  • Recruitment boosting and area-of-improvement identification

Our monitoring team has both traditional and remote monitoring experience. With your objectives in mind, we will propose the best approach to meet your study’s needs.

Central Monitoring

Generally performed from the data collected via CRFs through electronic data capture (EDC) systems, implementation of central monitoring strategy allows for the identification of outliers or trends that may need attention from the sponsor or CRO to identify and mitigate problems with the trial.

The benefits of employing a central monitoring strategy are several fold but one of the most important benefits is being able to identify data trends early thus allowing study teams to address emerging issues as soon as possible and resulting in clean data collection.

For Sponsors wishing to employ central monitoring to their clinical studies, our expert team will guide you in the implementation of the proper tools and strategies to give you better control and oversight of your clinical study.