Quality of clinical monitoring has a tremendous impact on overall timelines and study quality. We strive to achieve the highest data quality possible for your trial by assigning only experienced, therapeutically-aligned CRAs in the field.Our CRAs are expected to have:

  • Demonstrated high-monitoring proficiency prior to being assigned to a study
  • Strong therapeutic experience in the disease of indication
  • Gone through rigorous general and study-specific training

Our CRAs have conducted monitoring visits for:

  • Data collection oversight
  • Source Data Verification (SDV) against CRFs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Speedy data query resolution
  • Recruitment boosting and area-of-improvement identification

Our monitoring team has both traditional, remote, and risk-based monitoring experience. With your objectives in mind, we will propose the best approach to meet your study’s needs. In general, clinical monitoring covers:

  • Pre-study Activities
  • Site Initiation
  • Interim monitoring
  • Close-out

Central Monitoring

We employ central monitoring tools and strategies to ensure that we’re identifying data trends, and addressing emerging issues as soon as possible.