There is little doubt that the Project Manager (PM) plays an integral role in guiding the success of clinical trials. The PM is responsible for mapping out every stage of clinical trial development and must be able to quickly adjust and adapt when changes occur. They are the central point of contact for all stakeholders and therefore must be able to effectively communicate project activities and unify trial teams. To be able to effectively serve in such a vital role requires time and experience. As such, Azelix’s PMs have a minimum of 10 years of industry experience with at least the most recent 5 years having been served in a project management role. Our PMs have diverse backgrounds that give them a broad knowledge and understanding of clinical research and enables them to seamlessly communicate with key stakeholders and project team members to ensure the achievement of project objectives, work plans, and priorities.

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Order Alprazolam Online India Our Project Managers will:

  • Act as an extension of your internal project team
  • Be therapeutically aligned with your clinical study and provide relevant operational expertise
  • Be insightful and proactive with the ability to see the “big picture” while still understanding the finer details and nuances of managing clinical studies
  • Serve a leader for the project teams and create synergies amongst all team members and partners to ensure seamless trial conduct
  • Manage study activities/milestones, budgets, and timelines in accordance with contract agreements
  • Take initiative to mitigate projects risks ensuring the highest quality data collection towards the achievement of study endpoints and objectives
  • Maintain an open and collaborative mindset